EP144. Finishing the Bulwarks / boatyard flood!

In this episode we finish planking the bulwarks – but before the last planks can be fastened, the stanchions themselves have to each be cut down to their final length and have a tenon cut into the top. Meanwhile, Patrick makes a beautiful oak post inside the boat, as well as a bulkhead that divides the galley and the chart table. The winter weather bring snow and flooding, causing disruption in the boatyard but creating some beautiful scenery.

Runaways – Silent Partner
Empty Bottle, Empty Bed – Mini Vandals
RESPECOGNIZE – Diamond Ortiz
Lonesome Star – Unicorn Heads
Gypsy Stroll – Aaron Lieberman
Get ‘er Done – Aaron Lieberman
Walk the Dog – Coyote Hearing
Celebration – Otis McDonald

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