EP146. Building the Mast

In this episode we follow the construction of the main mast, which is built of 8 long staves of high quality Sitka Spruce glued together in a barrel-staved construction with West System epoxy. We talk about different types of mast construction, and look at why wooden masts are often built hollow and what components are encapsulated inside.

We also catch up with a few other projects around the yard – Nic has returned and is working on the cabinetry in the head, George is building a fort in the saloon, and Joe has some shiny stainless plumbing fittings to show off. Patrick makes another wig and George tries to interview some Seagulls…

News Theme 1 – Audionautix
Mi Borinquen – Doug Maxwell / Jimmy Fontanez
Folk Tap Harp – Unicorn Heads

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