Hi! My name's Leo and I'm a boatbuilder and a sailor.

A few years ago I purchased TALLY HO - a very old and quite famous wooden sailing yacht - for the price of $1.

Since then I've been rebuilding that boat from the keel up with the help of a lot of amazing people.

The whole project is funded through YouTube videos that I make - thanks to the very kind support of the people that watch and enjoy them.

A Gaff Cutter with an amazing history

When I first came across TALLY HO, she had been left to rot for decades in a remote part of Oregon, and was facing demolition if not rescued. However, this decrepit hulk had once been a fine yacht - she was designed by the famous artist Albert Strange, she was built in 1910 by one of the UK's most respected boatyards, and she won the prestigious Fastnet race in 1927 under the ownership of a Lord. (more history)

Even though her hull was close to disintegrating, TALLY HO's fine lines were still obvious when I first visited the boat in Oregon . Although I was terrified by the scale of the project, I decided to try and save this historic vessel. I moved her by truck 550 miles to the Olympic Peninsula, and got to work!

Facing challenges

Since then, the project has grown and changed a great deal, but the goal is still the same - to get Tally Ho back in the water and sailing again. Thanks to the amazing support of this community we now have a small but wonderful team working full-time on the boat, and despite facing all kinds of different challenges every day, it feels like there might be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.


The Tally-Ho rebuild project is completely funded by our supporters and donations. Discover different ways in which you can support this project.
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In this video we finish the work on the capstan and provision the boat for a big trip...

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