Meet the Crew

Everything that happens here is thanks to our fantastic crew. Some of them work full-time on the boat, and many have their own businesses and projects as well. They are all extremely talented, and a joy to work with!

Teak magician


Clifton is ridiculously tall and makes everyone else look tiny. If you are lucky enough to see him without his hat, you might think Einstein just dropped acid. This makes sense, as he can do things with Teak that contradict the basic fundamental rules of the universe.

Mr. Wikipedia


George is our resident crossword champion - he holds an infinite bank of obscure knowledge in his brain. We sometimes catch him working on equations for fun at tea break, a habit which even regular flogging can't seem to fix. George is passionate about hand tools and their history, and can carbon-date a smoothing plane at 100 yards.

George has his own YouTube channel; Huewn Makes

Chief hose-wrestler


Erica recently graduated the NWSWB marine systems course and started her own business. She is working with Joe Smith on Tally Ho to install mazes of wires, hoses, and pipes. She can usually be found upside down in the bilge or caressing the head, whispering sweet nothings.

The Maestro of the Hatch


Pat Mahon- teller of grand tales, teacher of many pupils, and maker of beautiful hatches. His quiet confidence brings a sense of calm to the workplace and his fine moustache adds a touch of vintage class. He is a certified marine surveyor as well as a skilled shipwright.

Holy wood-whisperer


Zeal is a marine tradesman with a broad skillset - as well as being highly skilled at building and sailing traditional vessels, he can butcher a cow with one swift karate-chop and can fix a Subaru with a coathanger. His biceps frequently cause unsuspecting passers-by to pass out in a cloud of confused arousal.



Joe Smith (Ocean Systems Inc) is highly experienced in installing and maintaining a wide variety of marine systems. As well as working on other people's boats, he also operated his own commercial fishing vessel for many years, and now keeps a steel gaff schooner named Emerald. Joe's main role on Tally Ho is to try and convince Leo to make more things out of Aluminium (or "alooominum", as he would say).

Systems work inquiries -

Druid, lvl.5


Bob is a rigger, a sailor, a shipwright, and an enthusiastic board-gamer. His depth of knowledge is often disconcerting, and many have wondered if he is actually an ancient seafaring alien in disguise. He also makes a mean coffee-cake, which strengthens the suspicion.

Swayze eat your heart out


Patrick “Patty” Kingshill is a sculptor from Eureka, CA. His work has been exhibited in over 20 states nationwide and abroad. He joined the team in 2020 and has since developed revolutionary tape peeling techniques and marine terminology. He also proudly holds the patent for the much-sought-after Windo-3000.

Patrick has his own youtube channel; Patrick Kingshill

Resident Ornathologist


Despite wearing the same shirt every single day and having no concept of sarcasm, Nic is actually a very competent human being being with real-life emotions and a dog called Django. Pull the cord on his back to hear his catchphrases - "I'm autistic, it's not my fault", "you can't sit there, it upsets my sense of normality", and the classic crowd-pleaser "Balderdash!"

Nic has his own YouTube channel Nic Taylor Woodworking

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