Visiting and volunteering


Unfortunately we are not open to visitors at this time.

We would really love to be able to meet you all, and it's upsetting to turn people away, but unfortunately we receive so many requests that if even a small fraction of those people actually visited we would never get any work done at all. 

We also occupy a shared space with other busy tradespeople and there are liability issues, so please respect the boatyard and do not attempt to visit or enter the buildings.

We do occasionally hold open house events. These will be advertised on social media ahead of time, so make sure to follow us on Patreon and other platforms.


This project would not have been possible so far without the help of some amazing volunteers, and I'm so grateful to all of them!

I'm so pleased that poeople want to get involved in this project, but generally speaking we have a full crew and are not currently looking for volunteers.

There may be some occasional exceptions, so feel free to get in touch using the contact page if you really want to be part of the team or have a unique skill that you think we may need. We strive to be an inclusive workplace and we encourage applications from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Otherwise, the best way to help is by becoming a Patron - see our support page.

Many thanks!

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